” I don’t care about the format, the surface or material … I’m only concerned with what my head imagines. I have at my disposal materials and technology to break the limitations we suffered in the past. I create multidisciplinary art for minds of the 21st century.”


nEcKo: Multidisciplinar artist that started his first works on the streets at the end of the eighties. Short after, and as an active member of the graffiti’s scene in Madrid, started to explore other forms of artistic communication, both in studio and in the streets. In his work can appreciate the use of the elements of urban language, the combination of different techniques and technologies,

the acid comments about reality from his personal point of view and an almost subliminal trace of hidden messages. Most of his production comes from the observation of the city and the lifestyle of its inhabitants, from the personal process of adaptation or refusal to it and from the search of new languages within the bombing of information to which we are exposed …

His will of hiding conceptual messages in his work and the conscious selection of every texture, surface, color or shape turn each of his works in unique meditative fragments. The different techniques of work of this artist go through the mixture of traditional paint, street art, projection mapping, sculpture, visual design, augmented reality, motion graphics, virtual reality.

¨My field of work changes according to the project I am facing. The tools i have at my disposal allow me to be ductile, multidisciplinary and mixer-loving¨


Cirque du Soleil – Ferran and Albert Adrìa – Volvo – Heart – Hard Rock – Pacha Group – Warner – Tale of Us – Afterlife – Ushuaïa – Privilege Ibiza – Atzaró – Veube Clicquot – Moët & Chandon – Svën Vath – Acid Pauli – Mallorca Live Festival – Camilo Franco – Carpe Diem Barcelona – Huawei – HUE Houston mural festival – Urban London – Budapest Street Art Festival – Urban in Ibiza – Cracow New Media Art


nEcKo started in the art of hand of the first steps of Graffiti on the outskirts of Madrid – Spain. After years painting in the street next to mythical figures of the street art national and international scene begins a search of other forms of visual communication supporting in the abstraction and the technology. Street art, projection mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, sculpture, visuals, motion graphics, new media art.

In 2005 decided to move to Ibiza to create my studio, Metrocubico, in the middle of the countryside. Calm and sun.

In my background as multimedia artist, projects in different disciplines for great entities as Cirque Du Soleil, Pacha Group, Albert and Ferran Adrià, Hard Rock, Volvo, Ushuaia, Heart, and many others. Participations in street art festivals around the world, visuals projects for top Dj´s and events from my studio Metrocubico, solo and collective shows in prestigios galleries, live painting shows…

Priorities: “Take care of my dogs, sail when i can and keep investigate new artistic expressions.”




C/Juan de Austria 8,
07800 Ibiza - Balearic Islands


+ 34 639 827 338